Become a Translation Editor


For projects hosted on :

We ourselves cannot approve translations for our plugins on, this is managed by the individual language teams for WordPress.

Firstly, you need to translate some lines on the project you would like to become an editor on, so that you can demonstrate the ability to provide quality translations.

Once you’ve done this, contact a General Translation Editor (GTE) of that language and ask them to add you as an editor. They will likely review your submissions and make a decision on whether to approve you or not based on whether those translations are accurate and meet the WordPress standards (the strictness of meeting these standard varies from language to language).

To find the GTE for your project from this page. Find your language on the Polyglots Teams page and click the ‘View Team Page’ link. If you click on the GTE, you should find more contact information, most often the best way to contact them is via the WordPress Slack channel.

If there is no GTE for your language, try getting in touch with a locale manager. If you have issues reaching someone, let us know and we’ll try to help you.

For projects hosted on this site:

The first step would be to becoming approved as an editor on any of our plugins. When you have done so, please get in touch with the user netweblogic on the WordPress Slack channel, and let us know the language you wish to translate as well as the project you are an editor on.

We take this approach since the WordPress polyglots teams do a fabulous job of ensuring quality is maintained for the many languages we ourselves don’t speak.